With so many vectors where data can leak, and GDPR compliance/data governance high on everyone's radar, we'll take a look at some common data breach scenarios and how automated, integrated tools can help avoid them.

In this session, we'll review:

  • Warnings about emails addressed to inappropriate people/groups
  • Cleaning metadata intelligently, including in hidden locations (MS Office doesn't clean critical items)
  • Eliminating zombie data/metadata in repurposed documents
  • Redacting data in MS Word, automatically
  • Auditing who sends what where and when

A live Q&A will follow.


Presenter: Chuck Henrich

As a Document Lifecycle Evangelist, Chuck advocates best practices and tools covering the complete document lifecycle. For over 35 years in legal IT, Chuck has worked for and with all sorts of professional practices, from sole practitioner to global enterprise. Whether as a developer, trainer, business process analyst, or consultant, in all of those roles, he has served as a translator between business users and technical professionals facilitating solutions to the practical needs of professional users and support staff, and the opportunities for IT departments to make a real difference for their end users.

Webinar Details 

Date: June 7, 2018

Time:  10:30–11:00 am CT / 16:30 - 17:00 BST

Cost: FREE

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