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Not only are lawyers storing their clauses in numerous locations, but they're also spending valuable time searching for them every time they're needed. And did you know that introducing content from a different source can create issues with numbering, formatting, styling, and more? 

With Clause Companion, you can easily store, retrieve, and insert correctly formatted clauses, all while ensuring you get the most accurate content as conveniently as possible. 

By enabling lawyers to spend more time on higher value work - and less time trying to locate content - don't forget to join us as we explore the different solutions that can help every lawyer's workflow. 

During this webinar we'll cover: 

  • The simple steps to store, retrieve, and insert formatted clauses. 
  • How to access your firm's clause library and help encourage the use of approved content - rather than switch to another system. 
  • The ability to share selected clauses between users and across department in order to facilitate better internal collaboration all within Microsoft Word. 

We hope to see you soon!

Chuck Henrich

Mike Plumb

Mike serves as a Manager, Customer Engagement & Adoption on the Customer Services team with more than 14 years of experience in the legal field. He has a strong background in technical writing, training and project management. In Mike's role at Litera Microsystems, his sole focus is to build resources and processes to help his clients gain adoption of Litera Microsystems products at their firms.

Webinar Details 

Date: January 31, 2019

Time: 10:30 - 11:00 am CST | 16:30 - 17:00 GMT

Cost: FREE

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